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The Best TDS filing software for CA firms and enterprises.

Prepare & Upload TDS & TCS Returns

Filing of TDS / TCS Returns (Regular or Correction) Directly Online to Income Tax India Portal


Auto Generation of Form 16, 16A, 27D in PDF Format and Signed with a Digital Signature along with the Email Facility

15G and 15H

Direct Uploading of 15G and 15H on ITD portal

Data Validation through integrated utility

Data validation process uses the NSDL utility to check the entered data against a set of predefined rules and standards

Challan E-payment & Verification

E-Payment of Dues from software ITNS-281 & others along with the challan printing and Online Challan Verification is Available


Justification report request and generate justification in excel file

Import & Export

Facility to import / export data from consolidated file (. tds file), .txt file & Excel sheets.

Bulk PAN

Bulk PAN Verification for all Deductees & Employees


Multiple Validations for Default Predictions to trace errors before uploading the return

Reports &

Provides several important registers such as Certificate Register, Challan Register, TDS Register, Deductee / Employee wise Transactions Report, TDS Report for Audit, Unconsumed Challan etc.

Interest and Late
Fee Calculation

Automatic Calculation of Interests and Late Fee

Compliance check for 206AB and 206CCA

Compliance check to charge TDS at a higher rate in certain cases

Employees’ Annual Taxable Salary Calculations

Calculation of Annual Salary after Giving an Effect of the standard deduction and Deductions under Chapter VI-A along with Calculation of Month-wise Salary and TDS thereon

Other Features

Verification of TAN and update name as per TAN in master

Request on site

TDS data report for audit

Return filed Dashboard

e-Payment Facility at Income Tax Portal for Form 26QB

EasyTDS - India’s most comprehensive
TDS & TCS solution

of Return







Default Prediction Analysis

PAN verification with name Extraction

Challan details & verifications

Short Deductions

Lower Deductions

Late payment & Interest calculation

Late Fee Calculation

Interfacing with TRACES & ITD

Fully Integrated with TRACES & Income Tax Efiling portal

Automated TRACES Requests (Conso File, Justification Report, Certificates etc.)

Download Requested Files (Conso File, Certificates, Justification Report etc.)

Validation of Lower Deduction Certificate

View of Return filed status, Challan status etc.


Revised Return through Correction module

Direct access to the TAN registration page

Download consolidated .TDS file for revised returns

EasyTDS fulfills all your TDS return requirements &

simplify the process of TDS filing

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Reports & Analysis

Certificate Register

Allows users to keep track of all the TDS and TCS certificates generated and issued. It includes information such as PAN numbers, dates of issue, Deductee names and TDS/TCS amounts.

Challan Register

A record of all the challans created and used for TDS and TCS payments. Information such as challan serial numbers, Dates, bank names, and payment amounts can be easily accessed and viewed.

Transaction Register

Challan wise, TDS Section wise, Deductee wise, Employee wise detail Report
Return filled Information register
Information of all the TDS and TCS returns that have been filed through the software. Users can easily access and view details such as return acknowledgment numbers, dates of filing and the status of the return on a click.

Deductors, Deductees & Employees Register

Contains a comprehensive list of all the Deductors, Deductees & employees. Information such as names, addresses and labels can be easily accessed & viewed.

Enjoy a seamless user experience with added reliability

Stay compliant effortlessly with EasyTDS

Data entry modules

  • Deductors, Deductees, Employees
  • TDS & TCS Challan details
  • Deductee-wise break-up of challans

Auto Generation

  • E-TDS FVU file & form 27A
  • TDS Certificates (16,16A,27D)
  • Deductee-wise break-up of challans

Import / Export facility

  • .tds file & .txt file
  • Excel Sheets
  • Export Salary Data to EasyTAX

Utilities & more

Advanced online tools perform complex tasks and enhance user experiences.

Access Traces, Protean & Income Tax websites through the software

Convenient & systematic data entry with user-friendly

Software update tools

Download Update

Auto-update Installer

Web-update reminder

PAN, TAN and Challan Verification

PAN Verification

  • Bulk PAN verification along with verification status & option to update names as per PAN

TAN Verification

  • Verification of TAN and update Deductor Name as per TAN in Assessee master

Challan Verification

  • Facility to verify challan details added in the software with the data available with the department

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When choosing TDS and TCS return filing software, it's important to look for features such as auto data validation, e-filing and correction of returns, interest calculation, and consolidated Analysis reports. EasyTDS software offers all of these features at an affordable price, making it a top choice for businesses and Tax professionals.

: Yes, EasyOFFICE’s EasyTDS software has an eTDS correction module that allows users to generate revised TDS returns if needed. The process is easy and can be done through the software's user-friendly interface.

Yes, EasyTDS software allows users to import data from Excel sheets, text files, consolidate (.tds) files.

Yes, EasyOFFICE’s EasyTDS provides a free trial version of its software. The trial version is fully functional and allows you to test all the features of the software. To get access to the trial version, you can visit the website and request a demo or download the trial version directly from the website.

There are several TDS and TCS return software providers in the market, but EasyOFFICE’s TDS module stands out with its feature-rich software that comes at an affordable price. EasyTDS also offers free demo trial, allowing users to try out the software before making a purchase.

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