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Key Features of EasyTAX – Income Tax Software


Income Tax Calculation Dashboard

Computing Taxable income and tax thereon and showing a summary view for quick understanding.

Income Statement / Computation of Income

Prepares a clear and concise computation of income showing the Assessee details with sources of income, deductions, adjustments of losses, tax calculations, and tax payments with TDS & Advance Tax.

Auto generation of
ITR forms

Generates Form ITR-1 to 7 and ITR U (updated Return) in both paper and electronic format, automatically selecting the applicable Form based on the user's sources of income.

Import JSON/
XML file

Imports Pre-Filled JSON Data from Portal, prepares master and Return Data from Uploaded / Filled ITR

ITR Upload

Direct e-filing of Returns on the ITD Portal.

Carry Forward

Carry Forward of Losses, Depreciation, Partners / Directors Details, NSC etc. Data automatically from the Previous Year


Facility to Easily Prepare and e-payment of Tax Challans like as 280, 281, 282


Comprehensive Tax summary of Multiple Assessee’s Income, deduction and tax liability in a single screen

Auto Losses Adjustment

Auto adjusts the losses on Head of income basis as per the provision of Income tax

Direct Import

Import & Collect 26AS, AIS, TIS data from portal on a click


Auto Calculation of Interest u/s 234A, 234B, 234C and 234F.Instalment wise bifurcation and detailed Calculation for 234C

Advanced Online
Data Tool

Collection of multiple details of multiple Assessee like Return status, Return History, ITR Form, ITR JSON, ITR V Acknowledgment, 26AS, AIS, TIS etc.

Arrear Relief Calculation

Facility for Calculation of Relief and Uploading / Print of Form-10E


Facility to email Computation of income & various other reports to a client directly for verification


Auto calculation of MAT/AMT, MAT/AMT Credit c/f & auto Utilization facility

Multi-Year Income Tax Summary view

Summarized view of various assessment years' income tax liability for a clear understanding of the tax history.


Facility for identification of errors before uploading the return and filing an accurate return

Analysis Reports

Prepares Analysis reports such as Pending returns, Filed returns with dates, Refund status, Tax Register, Advance tax register, Assessment Book etc.

New & Old
Tax Regime

Computation for new & old tax regime u/s 115BAC with comparative Income Statement


ITR-U Calculation Facility with Computation

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Features at a glance

The hassle-free solution for tax filing

Online Tool Option

  • Update Return Status and History
  • Update Refund Status
  • Collect Assessee profile
  • Download and view ITR-V/ ITR Form/ 26AS/ AIS/ TIS / JSON
  • Download and view Order and Intimation


Auto Calculation

  • NSC Accrued Interest/ HRA/ MATC / Rebate
  • Depreciation
  • Deduction under chapter VI-A
  • Interest u/s 234A, 234B, 234C, 234F
  • Index Cost of Acquisition & Improvement
  • Grandfathering Rule in Equity Investments
  • Salary Arrear Relief u/s 89(1)
  • Allowable Remuneration & Interest to Partners in Firm

MultiAngle Analysis Reports

  • Return filed / Late filed / Pending
  • Assessee Register
  • Refund Register
  • Tax Register
  • Advance Tax / TDS Register
  • Order and Intimation
  • Assessment Book
  • Link Aadhar - PAN


Import Facility

  • JSON / XML File
  • Balance Sheet / P & L
  • Form 26AS/AIS / TIS
  • Previous Year data
  • Data from Tally
  • Data from Default Excel Sheets


  • Direct e-Return & e-Payment through the software
  • E-Return file viewer to view generated JSON file
  • Facility to view ITR V & Intimation within the software
  • Unique Pre-Validation facility to trace possible errors in e-Return
  • Auto save of acknowledgment receipt no
  • Direct data fetching for 26AS / AIS / TIS


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EasyOFFICE is considered as the first choice of tax Professionals because of its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and comprehensive tax computation capabilities. It simplifies the process of filing income tax returns and helps tax consultants & CA’s to manage their client’s tax management efficiently.

When choosing tax filing software several factors should be considered. The Most important are Accuracy of Tax calculation, Timely updation, and Price, the software should have a user-friendly interface & Multi-Angle Analysis Reports. EasyOFFICE's EasyTax is designed to be user-friendly with accuracy, making it the best Suitable preference for tax Professionals of all levels.

Yes, EasyOffice Income Tax Module includes features for importing data from other Taxation software using JSON / XML files. This makes it easy to transfer Return data from other software into EasyTAX for use in tax calculations and reporting.

Yes, EasyOffice software offers a free trial version for interested users. The trial version provides access to the software’s operations for a limited period, allowing users to test its features and functionalities. The EasyTAX trial version can be downloaded from our website.

EasyTax offers a wide range of features including computation of income and tax, tax liability summary, e-filing of returns, deduction under chapter VIA, self-assessment tax, advance tax, interest calculation under sections 234A, 234B, 234C, 234F & more features. It also offers easy import/export of data, user-friendly interfaces and advanced online tools, making it a preferred choice for tax professionals and consultants.

There are various Tax Software available in the Market. Easyoffice Income Tax Software is one of the Preferred & Trusted choice of Chartered Accountants & Tax Professionals for ITR efiling.

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