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Generate & Upload GST Returns easily

Input Data, Reconcile, Upload JSON, Digital sign/EVC and submit GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B to GST Portal


Party-wise / Invoice wise / Consolidated reconciliation reports of GSTR 2A & GSTR 2B with accounts, ITC Comparison Reports


Reconcile GSTR 2A/2B, Table-8A & GSTR-1 with Books Data, GSTR-3B & GSTR 2A/2B, GSTR-3B & GSTR-1

Comprehensive Dashboard

File all returns – GSTR 1,3B,4, CMP08, 9, 9C etc. from a single comprehensive dashboard without navigation hassles


Import data from Tally, Govt. Excel sheets, Default Excel sheet. Export the report data in a click

Tax Credits

Calculate accurate ITC with the intelligent reconciliation module


Dedicated support team is available to assist with any functional or technical queries and suggestions from customers.


We recognize the sensitivity of our clients' data. With EasyGST, all of your data is kept solely on your computer, ensuring that you retain complete control over your data at all times.

Simplify your GST return filing experience
with Best GST Return Filing Software

Upload & file GST Returns GSTR-1/3B/4/7/9/9C,CMP-08

Advance online
Activities on a click

Annual Return GSTR-9 & Audit Report GSTR 9C

Reconciliation Module

Analysis Reports

ITC Match /
Mismatch Reports

Import / Export

Tax Payment

Pre-Validation Facility


Check current balance of Cash & Credit Ledger

Get GST Return
Filing details on click

GST Return
Statistics dashboard

GSTIN Validation from GST Portal Directly

e-way Bill


Data Backup
& Restore

User management
with access rights



Download GSTR 3B & GSTR 1 PDFs in Single Click

GST is complex, but EasyGST made it easier

EasyGST is very well crafted with a User-friendly Interface


  • Data collection from the department

  • Import Data Through Excel Sheets/ JSON

  • Manual Data Entry in Software

Data Processing

  • Reconcile the data

  • Pre-validation facility with multiple validations for identifying errors

  • Return Summary view

Submit Return

  • Upload validated JSON file

  • Import and view error JSON

  • Submit the return and collect return status with ARN

Analysis Reports

  • Reports on Online available data

  • Outward-Inward data summary & Reconciliation

  • Input Tax Credit (ITC) Reports

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Online Activities & Analysis Reports

Reports on Online available data

Return Status

Cash & ITC balance

Challan history

Cash/ Credit/ Liability Ledger

Tax liability & ITC Comparison

Outward-Inward data Summary

GSTR 1 Summary and Analysis

GSTR 3B Summary and Analysis

GSTR 2B/2A Summary

Input Tax Credit (ITC) Reports

GSTR 3B with GSTR 2B/2A

GSTR 2B/2A/3B with Accounts data

GSTR 2A with GSTR 2B

Outward-Inward data Reconciliation

GSTR 3B with GSTR 1


GSTR 2B/2A with Accounts

GSTR 2B with GSTR 2A

General Features

ITR Quick Upload

LAN Connectivity

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Suggestion & Queries

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Tutorial help Video’s

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Office Management utilities

User Interface of GST Return & Billing Software

Choose EasyGST software for hassle-free GST management!

File GSTR-1, GSTR-3B & GSTR-9/9C and Effortlessly Reconcile GSTR-2A/2B Data with your Accounts Data.


  • Auto-fill GST data from GSTR 1, 2A, and 3B data
  • On-screen Comparison of Books data with Portal Data
  • Direct data view button of GSTR 3B/2A/2B/1/Purchase & Sale
  • Import / Export Tax data, to/from Excel, JSON, etc
  • Prepare GSTR 9C form for complete auditing
  • View auto-populated details from GSTR 9
  • Easy and Keyboard Friendly data entry with help



  • Preparation and e-filing of data
  • Import data in a click from Tally, Excel and JSON
  • Download and Import Return data from GST Portal
  • Return Summary view of Outward Supply Data
  • Pre-Validation facility to identify errors before uploading return
  • Reconciliation of GSTR-1 data with Accounts data
  • Summarised as well as Detailed Reports of GSTR-1
  • Rate-wise Analysis of GSTR-1
  • Collecting Return filing status
  • Easy and Keyboard friendly addition, deletion and modification


  • Collect auto-populated GSTR 3B from Portal
  • Autofill Outward & Inward data from Accounts & GSTR 2B
  • e-file GSTR-3B directly or fill 3B data on Portal
  • Pre-Validation facility to trace errors
  • ITC set-off as per amended rules and provisions of the Act
  • Check the ITC claim summary, ITC Comparison,& ITC as per GSTR-2B while preparing GSTR 3B
  • Import data in a single click from an Excel Sheet
  • Collecting Return filing status
  • Keyboard-friendly data preparation.



  • Collect GSTR-2A and 2B data with a single click from GST Portal
  • Reconciling data of GSTR 2A/2B with Accounts & GSTR 3B data
  • Reconciling Multi-Period data in a single go
  • Invoice & Party Wise Reconciliation
  • Claim Maximum ITC with Intelligent 2A/2B Reconciliation module
  • Comprehensive data viewer – Horizontal / Vertical view
  • Important yet easy matching status – Matched, Mismatched, missed by Account, missed by Vendor, Invoice no., POS, etc.
  • Get reports of Matched, mismatched as consolidated or party-wise

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Office Management Utilities

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Easy Mail

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Work Assigner

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PDF Signer

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Why use EasyGST Software

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Simplified workflow

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Affordable Price

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Trusted by Professionals

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Intuitive User Interface

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Timely Service

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EasyGST software Developed by Electrocom Software Pvt. Ltd., simplifies GST return e-filing by automating the process and ensuring accuracy. It enables the filing of GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-9/9C, and reconciles GSTR-2A/2B data with accounts data. EasyGST software provides a user-friendly and efficient platform for Tax Professionals & businesses to manage their GST compliance requirements.

EasyGST is the first choice of CAs and tax professionals because it has a user-friendly interface and simplifies the GST compliance process. The software simplifies the GST compliance process, making it easier for professionals to manage client data and file various returns accurately. The software is easy to use, even for those with limited technical expertise, making it a top choice for professionals.

Yes, you can file the IFF (Invoice Furnishing Facility) return under the QRMP (Quarterly Return Monthly Payment) scheme using EasyGST software. The software is designed to streamline GST compliance and includes features to facilitate the filing of various GST returns, including the IFF return.

EasyGST software provides facilities for filing annual returns and conducting audits as per GST compliance requirements. With India’s best GST Software - EasyGST, businesses can easily file GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C returns, which are annual return forms.

EasyGST software includes an invoicing feature that allows businesses to create professional and customized invoices easily. The software enables businesses to create GST-compliant invoices that include all necessary details such as HSN codes, item descriptions, and tax rates.

Yes, EasyGST software offers a free trial version for interested users. The trial version provides full access to the software for a limited period, allowing users to test its features and functionalities. The EasyGST trial version is available on our website and can be accessed by downloading the demo

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